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What Makes Physicians Indemnity Different?

  • Created, owned and managed by physicians so you know that we have only your interest at heart.
  • All policyholders are stockholders. You have a voice in your company!
  • Only select physicians are insured that have a proven track record of success in patient care.
  • A new approach to risk management –> Functional Integrated Risk Management, the FIRM program. Rather than investing in a quarterly publication that typically is not read we have opted to develop an online, modular, interactive risk management program for the insured physician and his/her office staff.

    The FIRM program is designed to be functional (bringing practical information that will help you reduce the potential for adverse exposure each day, every day) and fully integrated among all office staff (including physician extenders, nursing and administrative staff) so that everyone is armed with a renewed sense of responsibility and urgency for attending to the sometimes small but very important details of documentation and communication.

    And, if a claim does occur a module on avoiding litigation will bring clarity to the process as well as valuable insight to help you understand the role of those tasked (including Steve Adler, CEO and Claims Manager) with helping you resolve the matter.

  • The Board of Directors and members of the various committees represent diverse backgrounds. Active committees include: Underwriting & Claims, Finance & Audit, Marketing, Legal & By Laws, Risk Management and Investment. Please advise us of you interest in committee participation.


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