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Underwriting and Claims Committee

The responsibilities of the Underwriting and Claims Committee are accepting or declining all applications that are obtained by PIRRG.  If a physician satisfies all the required criteria, PIRRG will offer a quote to that physician.  If a physician does not satisfy all the criteria, the application will be sent to each member of the committee to be evaluated and finalized.  This committee works directly with our claims adjustor to review and find solutions for these claims.

Chairman: Robert Cline, MD
Members: Robert Cline, MD, Kriston Kent, MD, Mahesh Amin, MD, Ranchhod Khant, MD, Steve Adler

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee creates and manages all PIRRG’s finances and investments within the regulations of all the appropriate laws.  PIRRG works with many investment consultants to offer options to this committee and then applies these decisions.

Chairman: Rajankumar Naik, MD
Members: Robert Cline, MD, Kriston Kent, MD, Mahesh Amin, MD, Ranchhod Khant, MD, Steve Adler

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee works directly with PIRRG shareholders to build new and exciting opportunities in order to present PIRRG to other physicians.

Chairman: J. David Holcomb, MD
Members: Kriston Kent, MD

Legal and By Laws Committee

The Legal and By laws Committee works with the attorneys of PIRRG to, not only stay up-to-date with all the rules and regulations of Risk Retention Groups, but to also guarantee that PIRRG continues to be in agreement with all its statutes, regulations and by laws.

Chairman: Kriston Kent, MD
Members: Robert Cline, MD, J. David Holcomb, MD, Steve Adler

Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee is responsible for the development of such programs as FIRM that are designed to reduce risk and improve the quality of care.  The committee works hand-in-hand with the Underwriting and Claims Committee in identifying areas of exposure that need to be addressed with individual physicians and various specialties.

Chairman: J. David Holcomb, MD
Members: Robert Cline, MD, Kriston Kent, MD, Steve Adler

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee works with PIRRG’s financial advisor, Wachovia, in determining investments that yield high returns without risk.  PIRRG’s investments are continuously monitored in order to obtain optimal results.

Chairman: Rajankumar Naik, MD
Members: Kriston Kent, MD, Ranchhod Khant, MD, Scott Kippenberg

If you want to get involved, please complete the form below.  We are always looking for eager, knowledgeable physicians to join any one of our committees.

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