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Risk management is a cornerstone of our company. Prevention is key in fighting risk before it turns into a claim. Wish you had a say during a claim? Wish you had someone to stand strong behind you? You do here! We are in your corner if a claim is filed. Our policyholders participate in the decisions surrounding their claims.Before 2011 arrives, PIRRG will be introducing “FIRM”, a risk management program accessed online through our site. What is FIRM you may ask? It stands for Functional Integrated Risk Management. With this online program, members and their entire staff complete all learning modules to reduce the likelihood of a claim arising. Members that complete FIRM are able to get extra discounts on their policies.


To report an incident or claim, please download and complete the following form Click Here. Upon completion please mail, fax to (888) 608-6327, or email directly to our claims manager, Steve Adler,

From there, Steve Adler will be in touch with you to discuss what the next steps may be in regards to your particular situation.

Physicians Indemnity takes pride in partnering with well-known defense attorney’s and has a rather extensive network of providers with many years of medical insurance background. We will always include you in the claims process, as a claim can be detrimental to your financial livelihood. Settling should never be an option when you truly were not at fault!


If you are a current policyholder and would like to request loss history, please complete the following form Click here. Upon completion this form can be emailed to or faxed to (888) 608-6327.

Please allow us at least 24-72 hours to complete your request.

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